Minnie here, if you haven’t already heard my story, listen in...

Minnie Bella make up started back in 2016.

I literally turned my love and passion of make up in a job/business.

It’s the best decision over ever made, to date.

Teaching has become one of my favourite parts of my job role with being a Make up artist.

From a young age, Minnie has always been obsessed with makeup and was drawn into the make up industry. She captured this fascination and studied intensely, through a combination of self-taught techniques and from some of the best worldwide in the industry.

For Minnie, makeup is about bringing out the best features in ones face and the power of the finishing transformation, whilst remaining true to the natural flaws combined with her favorite brands/products.
Minnie says “makeup is not about making something your not, it’s about choosing the right aspects to create the best version of yourself”

Today, Minnie has created a signature and recognized look with is creating the brand...