Minnie Bella is renowned for her unrivalled attention to detail and her expertise in contouring, blending and lash- application. She uses the highest quality products from around the world, ensuring flawless and longevity in all her make up applications.

Minnie works around the bride as she understands as the stress she can sometimes be built up before her big day, Minnie will leave when the bride/ party are happy. She ensures you will leave her feeling the best version of you! Minnie has a lot of experience in working with cameras to use the right products to conduct the perfect flash back as Minnie believes this has to be right as you will cherish these photos forever!

Minnie perceived that brides marrying abroad are far less stressed and are more relaxed and happy. Brides can have trails in their comfort zone ( UK ) and then Minnie can take their confirmed decision and travel to them for their big day.
International weddings is something Minnie is very comfortable in doing, Minnie can also provide her services for the run up to the wedding and after the wedding.